No Mirror Make Up Challenge

I didn’t feel too good today, but I still wanted to have a video and a post up for you guys. I couldn’t wear my contacts due to my huge headache, so it was the perfect timing for the No Mirror Make Up Challenge. I tried my hardest to do a good job, so find out if I ended up looking good or awful by watching the whole video.

I didn’t remember how pigmented the black eyeshadow were, so that didn’t work as I expected it to work. Anyway, I hope you guys like this video. Is there anything you want to see me doing next? Let me know in the comments down below as well as in the comment section on the video itself.
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5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles

I never used to do anything with my hair, but lately I tried a few things with it so I decided to share those with you. Usually I am a mess when it comes to doing anything with my hair because I seem to have to left hands when it comes to it. So here we go with 5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles, I hope you like them.

What is your favorite hairstyles of those 5 or maybe you have a specific one that you love to wear, tell me in the comments down below or in the comment section of the video. I really want to try new things out, so I appreciate every comment.
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What’s In My Bag? – TAG

Today I have a simple video/post for you all since I am still recovering from the flu and my tonsillitis. My voice still isn’t one hundred percent normal again, but you know what? That won’t keep me from putting something online. I hope I’ll be completely healthy soon so that I have better videos/posts for you.

I want to interact more with you guys, so what is your must-have in your bag? What do you always have in there? Let me know in the comments on this post as well as in the comments on the video itself.
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MY FAVS – January Favorites 2017

Today I decided to share my January Favorites with you all. I filmed a video on youtube for this, which I am like always going to include in this post but I’ll list all the products I mentioned as well. So that you can easily watch the video on here and don’t have to leave this page to have the actual product list.


  • Nivea Men After Shave Balm
  • LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation
  • ebay Oval Brush
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil
  • Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows
  • Colour Pop Lippie Stix (especially shade Lumiere)
  • Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent
  • Rose Gold Bracelet by Jette
  • Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet
  • Calvin Klein Bralettes
  • Union 9 Hogwarts Sweater (

I hope you guys enjoyed my January Favorites, let me know in the comments what you have been loving in this month. Also is there anything you’d like me to film next? Let me know in the comments or on any of my social medias, which are linked in the sidebar on this blog. Also always be up to date with me by adding me on snapchat (@dvlightful).

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My First Time – Tag

I always love to learn more about the person behind the blog or youtube channel, so I decided that today I am going to give you the opportunity to get to know me a little better. Some of you probably won’t be too interested in this kind of post but some might. But whatever, let’s give it a shot.

I hope you guys liked this post and like I said in the video I dare you to do this tag as well. I want to know more about you all. You can also answer some of these questions in the comments down below, I’d love to get to know you too.

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Skincare Routine 2017 – Dry Skin

I alread posted my Skincare Routine in 2016, but I discovered some new products since then. So I decided to just show you my updated one. I didn’t really care about Skincare back in the day, so I never did anything to take care of my skin.
BUT you should never ever do what I did, because I maybe thought my skin was amazing but my current Skincare Routine helps my skin to be even better. Skincare is so important, not only to make your skin look better without any make up on but to also improve how your make up looks on top of it.

I am always on the look out for good skincare products, so maybe leave your holygrail ones in the comments down below? I’d love to get my hands on new stuff to improve my skin even more.
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Soft Valentine’s Day Look – Tutorial

I finally have another Tutorial for you guys. I know those were lacking/missing before I created my youtube channel, but doing a Tutorial video is way easier than writing every tiny bit down. Especially because the posts would be hella long.
So I hope you enjoy my Soft Valentine’s Day Look, maybe it is a look your enjoy. Keep in mind that I’m not a professional make up artists, I am currently still trying to learn to do my make up better and better each day.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you even care about that day? I think I personally won’t be “celebrating” it since I rather spend a nice date night with my boyfriend on a regular day instead of having it forced to be on that specific day.
Anyway, let me know what your make up is going to be like if you celebrate it or if you just want to glam yourself up on that day. All my social medias are linked in my sidebar, make sure to to check me out there and be up to date with what I do. I probably use Snapchat the most, so add me there it’s dvlightful !

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Go To Make Up Look – Tutorial

I decided to show you how I create my Go To Make Up Look. This is the look I prefer when I want my make up to look a little more fancy, but not like going out to the club fancy.

I hope you like look I created in that video. Also do you have any requests? What do you want to see next? I was wondering if you guys be interested to see an updated review of the LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation, since I only did a first impression on that one.
Let me know in the comments down below or on any of my social medias, which are linked in my sidebar.

Still feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel and to leave your request in the comment section there as well.

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dvlightful on Youtube

This isn’t going to be a long post, that’s also why you’ll get two posts next week. But I quickly wanted to announce that I finally got myself my own youtube channel.
My youtube channel is going to be just like this blog…all about make up and fashion. There’ll be lots of Tutorials, Lookbooks, First Impressions, Reviews and some off topic stuff like tags or vlogs.
Everyone that subscribes helps me a lot, because I always wanted to take my blog to youtube as well but I’ve always been too scared to upload something but the amazing people in my life encouraged me to finally start my dream, which is youtube. So me finally uploading on my own channel is such a big deal to me, maybe it won’t be to you though.

I hope you like my first ever youtube video, feel free to subscribe, like and comment. You can also leave advice in the comments down below and in the comments on my video. I am just starting out and want to improve my youtube skills.
I am so excited to see what is going to come for my youtube channel and for this blog. I already have so much planned.
Instead of posting all my social media now, please look in my sidebar on my blog, there’s is everything linked that you might need to keep in touch with me.

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TMI Tag – Off Topic

I’m currently sick, so I do not wear any make up lately but I still wanted to post on here. That is why I decided to do the TMI Tag, that way you get to know me better. Also I’d like to get to know my readers/followers better, so feel free to answer any of those questions in the comments. Usually you also tag someone to do this as well, so I decided to tag all my lovely followers to do the TMI Tag on your very own blog. Let’s get started.

  • What are you wearing?
    I am currently wearing a grey oversized sweater like a dress and a towel on my head. Just got out of the shower.
  • Ever been in love?
    Yes I have been in love and I am in love.
  • Ever had a terrible break up?
    Yes my last relationship had  quite terrible break up, I mean I did feel good after breaking up with him but the reason we broke up was terrible. Well to be honest, he was a terrible person alltogether. Glad that’s over and done.
  • How tall are you?
    I’m 5.57″, which is 1,70m.
  • How much do you weigh?
    I honestly do not know. I am not allowed to weigh myself currently because of my past eating disorder because there is a risk of me relapsing.
  • Any tattoos?
    Yes I currently have 8 Tattoos and I know that I want a ton more.
  • Any piercings?
    I only have my ears pierced. I personally do not like piercings on me, but I gotta be honest that I always thought about getting a tiny nose ring, but no septum, just like a normal nose piercing.
  • OTP?
    Selena and Justin, they probably aren’t good for one another but I loved them together. Also Elena and Damon in TVD.
  • Favorite Show?
    Probably Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, American Horror Story, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore. I love reality tv shows.
  • Favorite Bands?
    I do not really listen to bands, but there are a few artists like Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson and Beyonce. Oh and don’t forget about The Weeknd.
  • Something you miss?
    Childhood, I miss not having to worry about anything.
  • Favorite Song?
    The whole new Bruno Mars album, the whole music by Ariana Grande and the new The Weeknd Album.
  • How old are you?
    I am 21 years old, born on the 21st of May in 1995.
  • Zodiac sign?
    I’m a gemini.
  • Quality you look for in a partnet?
    Humor, trust and honesty. Which I have in my partner.
  • Favorite Quote?
    “You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while” and “We’re all broken, that’s how the light gets in”.
  • Favorite Actor?
    Tim Allen, Jim Carrey and Josh Hutcherson.
  • Favorite Colour?
    Black, white and grey.
  • Loud music or soft?
    I like both, it always depends on how I feel and what situation it is.
  • Where do you go when you’re sad?
    I do not really go to a place, but I always watch Youtube vidoes or talk to my wifey whenever I am sad. Or I call my parents, talk to my boyfriend.foto-05-01-17-12-40-48-pm
  • How long does it take you to shower?
    It depends, sometimes it takes me 20-30 minutes and sometimes 10-15 minutes.
  • How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
    That also depends if I am going to wear make up or not. If I wear make up I need like 20-30 minutes and if I don’t then I need 10 minutes.
  • Ever been in a physical fight?
    Not in a real one, just in a silbling one.
  • Turn on?
    Good sense of humor, neck kisses and much more that I’d like to keep in my relationship.
  • Turn off?
    No sense of humor, asshole attitude, sexism and people who you can not have a normal conversation with.
  • The reason you started blogging?
    It’s always been my hobby and I just felt like starting one. Also I think about getting my own Youtube channel, what do you guys think about that?
  • Fears?
    Failure, Clowns and spiders.
  • Last thing that made you cry?
    I had a huge panic attack yesterday and couldn’t stop crying.
  • Last time you said you loved someone?
    Yesterday, I told my boyfriend that I love him.foto-19-11-16-12-13-20-pm
  • Meaning behind your blogs name?
    I started being dvlightful on tumblr, because I wanted to use delightful but that was taken and I kind of stuck with it.
  • Last book you read?
    Harry Potter and the cursed child
  • The book you’re currently reading?
    I am currently not reading any book, but I need to again.
  • Last show you watched?
    I am watching New Girl while writing this post, so I guess New Girl.
  • Last person you talked to?
    Like in person, my boyfriend but through text it as to be Sarah, my wifey, because I just finally texted her back.
  • The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
    Like I said the person I texted last is Sarah, who is my wifey. She is my best friend but we hate labeling ourselves as best friends and somehow we started calling each other wifey about 6-7 years ago. But seriously never had a better friendship.
  • Favorite Food?
    Garlic bread with aioli dip and I love pizza, who doesn’t right? But also my boyfriend makes such a good curry, I love it.
  • Place you want to visit?
    There are soooo many places I’d like to visit. For example Bali, London and the US.
  • Last place you were?
    Oberstdorf which is in the south of germany, such a beautiful city.foto-19-11-16-12-13-42-pm
  • Do you have a crush?
    I do since I am in a relationship.
  • Last time you kissed someone?
    Today before my boyfriend left for work.
  • Last time you were insulted?
    I do not want to talk about that, because it’s really private.
  • Favorite flavour of sweet?
    Like my favorite candy? I’m not that much of a candy person. I’m more of a pringles and salt and vinegar chips person.
  • What instrument do you play?
    I play the flute and the c flute. I’d love to play the piano and guitar but sadly I don’t.
  • Favorite piece of jewelry?
    My Marc by Marc Jacobs watch and my new Jette bracelet that my boyfriend gave me on christmas.
  • Last sport you played?
    Volleyball, I really need to play that again. I used to love it.foto-05-01-17-10-41-42-am
  • Last song you sang?
    I showered like 30 minutes ago and sang along to “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. Such a good tune.
  • Favorite chat up line?
    I don’t really have one, to be honest.
  • Have you ever used it?
    No, since I don’t have one. Sorry.
  • Last time you hung out with someone?
    I daily hang out with my boyfriend but the last time I hung out with someone else was on saturday where we spend the night at a shisha bar with my wifey and her boyfriend.
  • Who should answer these questions last?
    All my beautiful followers, I am tagging you to do this.

So this was my take on the TMI Tag, I hope you guys enjoyed reading those random things about me. My next post will be an outfit post, so be ready for that. Like always comment down below what you want me to do next on this blog. You can also reach me on facebook, tumblr,, snapchat (@dvlightful) and on instagram.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful



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