No Mirror Make Up Challenge

I didn’t feel too good today, but I still wanted to have a video and a post up for you guys. I couldn’t wear my contacts due to my huge headache, so it was the perfect timing for the No Mirror Make Up Challenge. I tried my hardest to do a good job, so find out if I ended up looking good or awful by watching the whole video.

I didn’t remember how pigmented the black eyeshadow were, so that didn’t work as I expected it to work. Anyway, I hope you guys like this video. Is there anything you want to see me doing next? Let me know in the comments down below as well as in the comment section on the video itself.
Make sure to always be up to date with me by following me on all my social media accounts, which are linked in the sidebar of my blog. My snapchat is dvlightful.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful


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