LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation – First Impression/Review

This will be my honest first impression on the LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation which has been raved about in so many youtube videos. So I decided to order it for myself and give it a go.

To me the LA Girl Foundation looks extremely similar to the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation which made me believe that it might be a good alternative to that. I never used the Make Up Forever one before so I can’t compare them to each other, but that’s because the Make Up Forever one is hard to get your hands on here in germany.
Anyway, let me inform you about the basic fact on this foundation. First of all, this is an illuminating foundation, so this will look dewy and not matte at all. That is also why I hestiated to order it, since I am more of the matte foundation kind of girl even though I have really dry skin especially on my t-zone. The variety of shades in this foundation is amazing considering how inexpensive it is. LA Girl provides you with 15 different shades and a white one, which you can add to any shade to get it lighter.
I didn’t know which shade to get but decided to go with the shade GLM642 – Fair since it’s the lightest one with a bit of yellow undertones, which is the perfect combination for me. I also looked at the shade GLM643 – Porcelain but it appeared way too pink on the pictures on their website.
The first positive thing that I noticed is the packaging, it’s amazing. It appears as if the foundation is high end and quite expensive, when in reality it is a 10$ one. I applied the foundation with a brush on one side of my face and with a damp beauty blender on the other side.
Surprisingly, the coverage is amazing with only a little product. Both sides of my face had an amazing finish, even though the beauty blender side looked a little better but not noticeably if you ask me. It’s quite a dewy foundation, so I decided to set it with some powder to get it a little less dewy. I was shocked that I actually liked the finish of it. It gave me such an healthy glow, especially after I finished my whole make up.foto-17-12-16-4-00-29-pmfoto-11-12-16-4-51-59-pm
I wore this foundation for the whole day and it looked flawless even at the end of the day. So my make up lasted almost 15 hours and looked amazing. I actually think that this foundation is the best I ever used.
I can only recommend this foundation to you, especially to dry skin girls/boys. I do not know how good it performs on someone with oily skin, but there probably are videos or post about that too. I would give this foundation a go, since to me it performed as good as an high end foundation even though it’s only 10 bucks.

Did you try this foundation already, did you like it? Also is there any product that you’d like me to try out next? I am always on the hunt for new good products, so tell me in the comments down below. You can also reach me on my facebook, tumblr,, snapchat (@dvlightful) and instagram.
I hope you liked this review/first impression and maybe you have any suggestion how I can make these posts better. I am open for your advice.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful


5 thoughts on “LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation – First Impression/Review

    • dvlightful says:

      I’m such a cheap person that is why I always go for drug store foundations. I personally don’t think that 40-70$ is reasonable for make up.
      Anyway, my go to foundation at the drugstore is the catrice all matte plus foundation. But I also always reach for the l’oreal infallible pro matte one. The l’oreal one lasts all day and looks flawless.
      What is your go to foundation?

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      • thegirlintheglitter says:

        I like the Revlon colorstay 24hr foundation, it’s super high coverage which I often need especially in the winter. It doesn’t clog my pores or break me out which is a blessing 🙏🏼. I prefer drugstore brands because I live in a small town and it’s convenient and affordable. The closest sephora to me is about an hour and a half away. Not really worth it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • dvlightful says:

        I love that foundation. Totally forgot about it because I need to order a new one, totally have the wrong shade in my make up collection. But the colorstay is amazing. I thought about trying a more higher end foundation for this blog, so that I can compare my drugstore ones better to high end foundations.

        Liked by 1 person

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