Warm Toned Eye Look – Tutorial

First of all, I am sorry that I didn’t post on here for quite some time, but I had some personal stuff that needed to be sorted before I even thought about posting. But here I am back and better than ever. Instead of posting a Haul, I decided to give you a tutorial on my go-to warm toned eye look that I am obsessed with lately. So here you go, my lovelies.


I start doing my make up with the eyes, because I tried it both ways and I prefer how my make up looks when I start that way. So first I am going to use my concealer on my eyelids, to get a good base for the upcoming eye shadows. Now I use the second lightest shade out of the Special Occasion palette by bhcosmetics to set the concealer.

I decided to go for a warm toned eye look because I got those three beautiful eyeshadows from ColourPop. The first that I’ll but in the crease is the shade Elixir which a beautiful matte orange. I use the blending brush to blend this from the crease on all over the lid to get more definiton in the crease and a more blended version of this colour on the lid.

Next off is the shade Seeker which is a matte reddish brown, this will be placed on the corner of my eye lids to get the whole look more of a smokey in depth colour. This is such a beautiful colour that compliments the shade Elixir perfectly. This colour is intense when your first put it on but it’s so easy to blend into the perfect mix of intense and natural. I also use this colour on the corner of my waterline to blend everything in perfectly.

The last colour I use on my eyes today is the shade Jinxie which is a beautiful soft warm gold in a pearl finish. This will be padded on my eyelid with my fingers, since that’s how you get the most pigmented pay off of this colour. This finishes the look perfectly and adds a bit more shine on the whole look. I feel so glam whenever I wear this shade. I adore those three colours together.

foto-07-12-16-11-45-39-amNow I am using my Catrice All Matt Plus foundation, like always but this time I am using my oval brush that I ordered on ebay. For me this brush is perfect, your foundation looks flawless and I never applied it quicker. It takes me a few seconds to do my foundation with this, which is a life saver if you ask me.

Now we get to my favorite part when it comes to make up, concealing and contouring. I always use my Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer and my Wet’n’Wild megaglo contouring palette in the shade Dulce De Leche to set my concealer and to contour my cheekbones and my forehead. Honestly you should get your hands on this, it looks so amazing. I blend my concealer with the Real Techniques Sponge, use a powder brush to set it and a really big fan brush to apply my contour.

This is the part where I probably use the most products, eyelashes. I always curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler, use my p2 Volume Affair mascara on my upper lashes to get amazing volume, my Manhattan Long & Swing mascara to get even more length and definition and last but not least I use the mascara that I sadly don’t know the brand nor the name of on my under lashes to define and lenghten those. Those products really give me the perfect looking lashes.

foto-07-12-16-11-46-32-amThe last step for my make up today is the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade Celebrity Skin which is a soft brown nude with a peachy undertone to it. This is the perfect lipstick for the eye look I was going for today.
A little disclaimer here: I do not support Jeffree Star as a person and I purchased this product before I informed myself on the person behind the brand.

Here are the pictures of the finished look:


I hope you guys liked this post and that you like the look I created. I usually never wear eyeshadow but recently ordered those colours on ColourPop to try them out and I fell in love, been wearing them a lot since I got them. What do you prefer, cool or warm toned looks? Let me know in the comments down below, on twitter, on facebook, on tumblr, on ask.fm, on snapchat (@dvlightful) or via email (dvlightful@icloud.com). Also I am always open to take request, what do you want to see next? A lookbook, a specific make up look or an off topic post? Let me know.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful


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