Primark Haul November 2016

Here I am once again with a new post for you all. I went shopping with my parents because I am going to visit Munich with my boyfriend next week and I needed some new jumpers and sweaters since it’s really cold now in germany. That’s why I thought I’d share my purchases with you. Everything in this Haul is from Primark except the two leggings that I bought. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post.


White-Grey-Blue Jumper

foto-09-11-16-10-04-47-amThis was the first clothing item that caught my eye as I went into Primark. Not only did I love the three colours combined but I also loved the material. It’s a really soft and fuzzy jumper, which makes it perfect to wear with something underneath or nothing underneath. I was really impressed with the quality of the jumper since it doesn’t fuzz even though it’s a comfy fuzzy sweater.

This jumper retails for 13€.foto-09-11-16-10-04-18-am

Cold-Shoulder Jumper

foto-09-11-16-10-06-50-amI have about three cold-shoulder t-shirts, so I decided to try out this jumper from Primark. It’s a beautiful grey ripped jumper with shoulder cut outs. Again the quality of this jumper surprised me a lot, but I would’ve prefered the jumper if it was a little more loose instead of skin tight but that’s just my personal preference especially in the winter time. It’s still such a nice piece that can be wearn casually or in the evening with the right accessoires.
This jumper retails for 11€.


Creme-Grey Oversized Jumper

foto-09-11-16-10-07-28-amThis jumper is probably the most comfortable one of all of the ones I bought. I already had this in grey for about two years and I was really excited when I found this one in Primark again. It’s a really thin jumper but still manages to keep you warm. This is my favorite one to wear at home or with a pair of leggings since it’s a little longer than the other ones. This one is creme coloured with grey accents and a seam in the front middle which gives the jumper a nice effect. This and the first jumper are probably my favorite, I love them.
This jumper retails for 9€.


Light Pink Sweater

This is such a cute sweater. It’s a really light pink sweater with the quote “do more of what makes you happy” stitched on it. I bought this sweater a little oversized since I like sweaters to not be skin tight or anything, especially because I love wearing them with leggings. The inside of this one is so soft that I basically just bought it for that reason and of course I loved what’s stitched on the sweater. Such a beautiful piece for the winter time if you ask me.
This sweater retails for 14€.


Fuzzy Scarf

foto-09-11-16-10-21-20-amThis scarf is my favorite purchase of the whole haul, I’ve been wearing it daily ever since I got it. It’s a white/cream one with grey and light brown accents. It’s the most comfortable scarf I ever owned. It’s also the really big kind, which you could even use as a blanket at home if you feel a little cold. The only thing that bothers me a little is that this one fuzzes especially if you wear a black jumper or shirt underneath.. But honestly I do not mind it that much, since it’s so comfortable and keeps me warm.
This scarf retails for 9€.


Creme Beanie

I didn’t have a good basic beanie, the only ones I had had something stitched on them so I decided to pick a creme one up.
This beanie retails for 3€.


Bow Gloves

Can you go to Primark and not pick some gloves up, especially in the winter time? Because I can’t. I saw those cute black gloves with little white bows on them. Honestly they are so comfortable and cute that I can not wait to wear them when I am in Munich with my boyfriend.
This retails for 2€.foto-09-11-16-10-05-50-am

Socks and two Push-Up Leggings

I had to get myself some socks, because I somehow always lose mine. I just don’t know where they go but they disappear. But nothing about them is special so let’s talk about the Leggings that I bought. I got myself the winter edition of Calzedonia’s push-up leggings since I adore the regular one. My wifey actually recommened me the winter edition because they are so f***ing soft on the inside and keep you warm like no other leggings, that is also why I got myself two instead of just one. Calzedonia really is the place if you look for good non see-through leggings.
The socks retail for 3€ for 7 pairs and the leggings retail for 29,95€.foto-09-11-16-10-07-47-am

That’s it for today, I didn’t go crazy in Primark because I didn’t really have the time and I wanted to just quick shop for some jumpers. Is there anything from Primark that you could recommend? Or any brand that makes amazing jumpers for the winter time? I still am in the need for some more in my collection, so I’d be happy if you tell me about your favorite pieces in the comments down below, on twitter, tumblr,, instagram, facebook or snapchat (@dvlightful). You can also always contact me by sending me an e-mail (

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlighful


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