My September Favorites – Top 4 Liquid Lipsticks 2016

I’m sorry that I didn’t post in 2 weeks, but I had a kidney infection and couldn’t really concentrate on anything else than getting healthy. But now I have a new post for you guys, I thought about doing my second monthly favorite post, but I didn’t really have that many new products which is why I decided to talk about my Top 4 Favorite Liquid Lipsticks that I used in the month of September. But let’s stop the shit chat and start the post.


#4 NYX Lingere in the shade 02 Embellishment

foto-05-10-16-1-57-16-pmThis is the perfect shade to get when you want a more vampy colour. This colour is a purple toned brown which looks beautiful with a full face of make up. This is not a shade that looks good on anyone though. I even think that it doesn’t look good on me in the winter time, because of my really fair skin. That’s why it’s only my #4 in the Top 4. I adore this shade.

I’ll insert pictures of me wearing the shade.

#3 NYX Lingere in the shade 03 Lace Detail

foto-05-10-16-1-57-45-pmLace Detail is such a nice nude shade, which is perfect for us fair skin girls. It’s really light and perfect for the days you want to only have masacara and some lipstick on. It makes your lips looks flawless, but can look a little too pale when you have a bit of tan, which I had in the month of september. But no matter what, ti’s still such an amazing nude shade.
Also I feel like this shade might be a really good dupe for the Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in the shade Exposed.


#2 NYX Lingere in the shade 08 Bedtime Flirt

foto-05-10-16-1-57-30-pmI ADORE this lipstick shade. It’s such a perfect fit for me. It’s a pink nude, which looks perfect on my complexion. I bought this shade because people told me it’s a good dupe for the Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit in the shade Candy K and I agree with all of them. It’s a perfect dupe, I do not know about formula wise, but colour wise it is.

Also I love the formula of the NYX Lingere Liquid Lipsticks because it’s not too drying and last a long time unless you eat something oily or greasy. Other than that it’s one of the best liquid lipsticks in my opinion.

#1 Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Celebrity Skin

foto-05-10-16-1-56-59-pmHonestly, this is probably the best liquid lipstick I ever owned. I was debating a whole lot whether I want to get this lipstick or not, regarding of all the drama about Jeffree Star but I do not have to support the person behind the brand to love the make up. I am all about make up and this just is one of the best ever. So I purchased one shade and will get more shades in the future. Not only is the brown nude shade with peachy undertones perfect for me, but also the formula is amazing. I wore this a whole lot in the month of September and it lasted ALL night, considering that I ate chicken nuggets with fries, that’s perfect. No matter what I or you might think about Jeffree Star himself, his make up products (at least the Liquid Lipsticks) are perfection.

Those were my Top 4 Favorite Liquid Lipsticks of the month September. I am sorry for the bad lip swatches, I didn’t wear any make up, so do not mind any redness that you see on my face in the pictures. What are your favorite liquid lipsticks? I really want to improve my collection, since I am a liquid lipstick junkie. Let me know in the comments down below, on twitter, on tumblr, on or via email. I hope you guys liked this post, I’ll try to post weekly from now on. So make sure to come back in a week or follow me with your email address.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful



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