August Favorites 2016

I know it’s a little late for my august favorites to be posted, but I wanted to finally start my monthly favorites on this blog, I hope you don’t mind about it. I have a few products to share with you all and I also want you to share some of your favorite products with me in the comments, on instagram, on, on tumblr or via e-mail ( I’d like to know which products worked for you this month or in general which ones you adore. So let’s just get into the post.

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First of all is a product I couldn’t photograph for this post, because I forgot to pack it in my suitcase and I am visiting my boyfriend for the week. They’re my leggings from Calzedonia. I’ve been living in those leggings the past month and I plan on living in them forever, those are the perfect leggins, they aren’t see-through, they are comfortable but still are shaping your legs and butt perfectly. Visit your Calzedonia store and try them on for yourself.

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Let’s stick with the fashion related items right now, the next thing I am obsessed with are flannel button up shirts, or button up shirts in general. I love wearing them like a jacket, on their own buttoned up or tied around my waist. They are the perfect piece to fashion up your normal casual outfit. I bought like 9 new ones in the last month, it’s a little obsession of mine.

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Also one of my favorite things this month is my iPhone 6 Case in marble design which I bought off of amazon. I will try to find out which seller I got this from, in case you want one too. I always wanted a marble case for my phone but I the only ones I found where hard cases, which I personally do not like, but in the middle of august I finally found a sillicone marble phone case and I am in love. Just see for yourself, this is so beautiful. Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The last fashion related product for this months favorites are my Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. I’ve finally decided to get myself a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and I am happy about my decision. I can’t go a day without wearing them unless there’s no sun outside of course. I just love how the look on me and I love that they go with every oufit no matter what. Such a good fashion piece to have.

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The next category is skincare, where I first want to talk about my Spin For Perfect Skin from Vanity Planet, which I bought months ago but started to use in july. I use this with a face peeling to get rid off all my dead skin. I use this before every shower and twice a week I use the next of my favorite products after cleaning my skin with this.

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The following product is a face mask, it’s the Origins Clear Improvement – Active charcoal mask to clear pores. I did use this face mask two times weekly for the whole month and it improved my skin a whole lot, it minimized my pores and made my skin look better without having make up on but not only that it also made my skin better and prepared for the make up application. My foundations now apply smoothly on my face, never had been this smooth ever.

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Next one isn’t really skincare related but doesn’t count into make up either, so let’s just get this product out of the way to start with make up. It’s the dry shampoo by Balea which is a german’s drugstore own brand. That’s why I don’t know if this is available in any other country, sorry about that. But I tried so many dryshampoos in the past and this one works perfectly for me. My hair looks so much better after spraying this on my roots, it gives my hair volume and gets rid off all the oil in my hair. Also it’s really affordable and almost half the prize of the baptiste one.

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We finally reached the make up category, which is my favorite part when I watch or read the monthly favorite posts of others. Let’s start with my two favorite foundations. On days where I want a more matte and full coverage look, I reach for my L’Oréal Indefectible 24H-Matt in the shade 12 natural rose, which gives me a flawless matt finish and it also looks flawless all day. But sometimes I want a foundation without a matt finish and lately I reached for my Revlon Colorstay for normal/dry skin in the shade 150 buff on those kind of days. The finish is dewy but not oily at all, it stays all day and is full coverage as well.

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Now my favorite concealer of all time, not only this month, is the Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer which I use in the shade 010 procellain. I use this Concealer for 2 years now and I tried other concealers but always end up using this one again. It gives me a flawless finish and does not crease on me when I set it with powder. I use it a little lighter than my actual skin tone, so that it doesn’t only cover up my dark circles but it also highlights my under eye area and the other areas I want to highlight. Also this is so affordable, you should try it out for yourself and let me know if you love it as much as I do.

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For cream conturing I fell in love with the NYX Wonderstick in the shade universal. I reviewed this product in a recent post, click here to get to that post. I’ve been using it every day I wore make up on, which isn’t too often since I had soo many make up free days last month but I couldn’t get over how amazing this made my contour look.

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I lately found out that they sell Wet’n’wild in germany, so I had to get a product that I heard KathleenLights loved, which is the megaglo Contouring Palette in the shade E7491 Dulce De Leche. I love KathleenLights and her make up is always on fleek, so when I heard that she loved this product, I had to get it. This is perfect for contouring even though it’s a little warm toned, so that the contour doesn’t look too muddy on me. The lighter powder is perfect to set your concealer and your foundation with.

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Also from NYX, I fell in love with the Micro Brow Pencil in the shade ash brown. I love doing my brows with this, because it makes them look defined but still natural, since I do not like the overly fake looking eye brow-look, no offense if that’s what you like but I just think that it doesn’t look good on me. But I also reviews this product in a post before, click here to see the full review.

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Also for the eye-area is the P2 Intesive Kohl Eyeliner in the shade beige. Which I use to line my waterline with, since it helps my eyes to appear bigger and if you know me, I do have really small eyes. So I take every illusion method I can to make the look bigger.

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The last two products are used together, well the first one of them is the tool I apply the second one with, but let’s just name the products here.  I lately apply my highlighter with the ebelin fan brush, which is perfect for getting that nice glow from within or an intense glow if that’s what you like. I just love how my highlight looks on me when applied with this brush.

foto-09-09-16-10-47-48-amNow for highlight I’ve been obsessed with the Gatsby Highlighter by HiddenCosmetics. I also reviewed this product on my blog, click here to get to the review. I always reach for this highlight even though I have 461741824 more highlighters, so that means something. Also kind of one of my favorites is the Z Palette I store that highlight in. It’s small, but the perfect size for me since I do not own that many make up products that need to be stored in one of those.


So that sums up my favorites of august in 2016. Like I said before I’d like to read about your favorite products or maybe you can tell me if you tried some of my favorites which I’d love to know too, because maybe those products didn’t work for you the way they did for me. I hope you liked this post, because I will probably do monthly favorites from now on, as long as I have new favorites to share with you.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful


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