NYX Haul + Review

German people had something to celebrate in the month of august, because NYX Cosmetics is finally available in our drugstores. I always wanted to try NYX products out but I didn’t want to pay for shipping and their stuff was quite expensive in online stores. So I freaked out when I heard that they’ll finally sell their products in our german drugstores. On tuesday I went to my local drugstore and picked four NYX products up. I used them already and tested them, so I can not only tell you what I bought but also review them. Let’s just get into the actual post.

Foto 25.08.16, 1 45 42 PM

NYX Micro Brow Pencil (#MBP05 Ash Brown)Foto 25.08.16, 1 45 02 PM

I was drawn to this product right when I saw it, because it looks exactly like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz in my opinion, so I thought this might be a good dupe. I researched the products on the internet and found reviews that also claimed exactly that, even though the review were really mixed, some loved it and some didn’t like the product at all.
To me this is the best brow pencil I ever used. It looks so natural and fills in my brows beautifully, I’ll repurchase that until the day that I die, believe me. Such a great products and so long lasting as well. I am impressed.

NYX Wonder Stick (#WS04 Universal)Foto 25.08.16, 1 45 13 PM

The Wonder Stick is one of the produtcs that I knew I want to get from NYX. I watched so many reviews on this highlight and conturing product that I wanted to see for myself how amazing it is. I first wanted to purchase the Stick in the version for light skin, but tested that one out and I didn’t like the colour that I am supposed to contur with on that stick, so I went with the shade Universal.
I only tried the contouring part of the stick and I am impressed. It goes on so smoothly and blending this into your skin works perfectly. I didn’t expect to like this product as much as I do, to be honest. It’s also my first ever cream contour product, so it’s a good way to start cream contouring, if you are a beginner as well.

NYX Lip Lingerie (#02 Lipli)Foto 25.08.16, 1 45 53 PM

This product is so hyped on the internet and every beauty blogger/youtuber talked about them at least once. This is the product that was the reason why I always wanted them to sell NYX in german drugstores.
Liquid lipsticks are my favorite kind of lipsticks, so I knew that I’ll probably like this one, as long as the formula is good. I tried this lipstick on, went shopping, drank a whole lot of water and ate a hamburger and the hamburger was the only thing that effected how my lipstick looked. It looked perfect until I took a bite out of my hamburger. The formula on this lipstick is beautiful, it doesn’t sit in the lines of my lips, it doesn’t dry out my lips too much and it looks perfect until you eat something oily or greasy.
Make sure to always use a lipscrub before applying a liquid lipstick, I use the one that I made myself. Do you want me to make a post about my DIY Lipscrub? Tell me in the comments down below or send me an e-mail about it. 🙂

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray Foto 25.08.16, 1 45 27 PM

I actually wanted to get the matte version of their setting spray but accidently took the dewy one. I tried the setting spray anyway and this helped my make up to stay on for longer than it normally does. I just didn’t like the dewy finish that spray gave me, so I might need to visit my drugstore once again and purchase the matte version. This is probably a good setting spray for people with really dry skin that still want to have that natural glowy and dewy look. It wa a little too dewy for my skin type, though. Still a good product.


Here are pictures of the look I had on for the whole day. I went shopping on that day with my parents, so there was a lot of changing, trying on different clothes and running around BUT I still got compliments on how amazing my make up looked that day. I am really happy with the products that I tried and I’ll absolutly buy more NYX products in the future.

Foto 24.08.16, 10 26 19 AMFoto 24.08.16, 10 26 44 AMFoto 24.08.16, 9 57 29 AMFoto 24.08.16, 10 27 36 AM
Did you ever own anything from NYX Cosmetics, what’s your favorite product by them? Tell me in the comments down below, because I need to find more good produtcs.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful


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