Drugstore Haul #1

I went shopping with my Wifey since I needed a back up for my amazing concealer that will be mentioned in this post as well. But like always, you go in the drugstore to get one thing and come out with more than just that one simple thing. I did not go crazy in our drugstore but I got four things and all of them are working perfectly, so I decided to tell you about them. Keep in mind I bought this in germany, so I don’t know if it is available in other countries, I hope it is. Let’s get to the haul.

Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer in 010 Porcellain

The brand says:Foto 06.08.16, 6 59 36 PM
Liquid, high coverage and ultra-longlasting concealer. Perfectly camouflages under-eye circles, spots and even tattoos. Apply in small dabs and let dry well. Apply extra layers if needed. Waterproof.

I love this concealer, it’s high coverage and buildable as well but I don’t think it will actually camouflage tattoos but other than that it covers everything perfectly. It’s also longlasting, as long as you set it with banana powder or any powder that you prefer. To me this is a perfect concealer and one of the best ones I ever used. Totally compareable to some high end ones.
Price: 3,49€

P2 Intensive Khol Eyeliner in 180 flawless Namibia

The brand says:Foto 06.08.16, 6 59 23 PM
Longlasting kohl eyeliner that gives your eyes more dimension.

I bought this eyeliner since I do not have the biggest eyes and I wanted to try a light one to make them appear bigger by applying it on my waterline. And to me this really does the job and it lasts all day too. A good buy, I might keep you updated when I tried it for a little while longer.
Price: 1,95€

Catrice Cosmetics Limited Edition Contouring Brush

The brand says:Foto 06.08.16, 7 01 04 PM
Professional contouring brush – suitable for any type of make-up textures. The angled shape of the brush supports a precise application. The dense, soft bristles provide a smooth and even colour finish on the skin.

I love this brush, it is amazing to first apply the contour with. It is precise BUT I do need another brush that is a little more fluffy to blend it out to get my desired contour look. My contour never has been sharper than with this brush, I do not regret buying this brush at all and will always use this now.
Price: 4,49€

DM Ebelin Professional Fan Brush

The brand says:Foto 06.08.16, 7 00 45 PM
This fan brush is perfect to apply powder highlighter and bronzer. It leaves you with the perfect finish.

This is the best product out of them all. It applies my Gatsby Highlighter by Hidden Cosmetics flawlessly. I never had my highlight looking so good. You get that amazing goddess glow that still looks natural, if that makes sense. Totally worth everything. Can’t recommend it more.
Price: 3,95€


Here are two pictures of my highlight and contour for you.
Foto 02.08.16, 5 03 48 PMFoto 06.08.16, 11 38 39 AM

I hope you guys liked this haul, do you have those brands where you live as well? I’d really like to know. Are there any product recommendations for me? I am always on the look out for new things to try out. Leave them in the comments down below and follow my blog with your e-mail or your wordpress account.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful


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