Current Make Up Routine

This is the first Make Up Routine post on this blog, so I apologize in advance if the layout isn’t perfect yet. I am still finding my style when it comes to writing and the layout for the posts. Well let’s just begin with the post itself.

Photo 28-07-16 12 40 59 PM

I always start my make up by applying the Nivea Men Sensitive After Shave Balm as a primer. All you have to do is take a really small amount and rub that into your face, just like a moisturizer until it gets a little sticky. And that’s when you know that your face is ready for the rest of your make up.


Photo 28-07-16 12 41 14 PMThen I apply my Catrice All Matt Plus foundaton in the shade 010 light beige with my Realtechniques Miracle Complexion Sponge by putting some of the foundation on the back of my hand. I pick a little up with my sponge and buff it into my skin until I have the desired coverage and finish. The Realtechniques Sponge is amazing to apply your foundation with, I even prefer it over the Beauty Blender.


Photo 28-07-16 12 41 27 PMNow I am using a product that I never used before, so this is going to be my first impression. I am talking about the P2 Mattifying Perfection Concealer in the lightest shade. I apply this under my eyes, the tip and bridge of my nose, my forehead, my chin and on my cupids bow to highlight those areas and get a little more extra coverage. This concealer works fine, but is not my favorite. If you want to have a good but inexpensive concealer then I recommend the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer, which is much better in coverage and it doesn’t emphasis dry patches on your skin.

Photo 28-07-16 12 42 11 PMPhoto 28-07-16 1 19 36 PM







Let’s get to setting my face, for this I am using the banana and the light setting shade from the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. The banana shade is perfect for setting the under eyes, I buff that in with my RealTechniques Sponge to get my desired effect. Then I am using Luvia Bamboo’s Root Brush #XI to apply the light setting powder all over my face, to mattify my foundation and get a bit more coverage.

Photo 28-07-16 1 25 44 PMNow it’s time for conturing, which is with highlighting my favorite part of my whole make up routine. I am using the almost empty shade out of my NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette because it’s a nice cool toned brown, so perfect for contouring. I apply this with my Luvia Bamboo’s Root Brush #X on the hallows of my cheeks and then I use the big fan brush out of my No Name Brush Set to apply the same shade on my forehead, my temples and of course also under my chin, to get the effect of a nicer jawline.


Photo 28-07-16 1 32 31 PMMy least favorite part of my make up routine is doing my eyebrows, but I still do them. Not on a daily basis though, sometimes I just feel like giving my eyebrows some love as well. First I am outlining my eyebrows using the Maybelline New York Browsatin in the shade medium brown. I also fil in my eyeborwos with that, even though I barely need it since my eyebrows are already pretty good. Lastly I am setting my eyebrows using my Alverde Eyebrow Gel in taupe.



Photo 28-07-16 12 43 09 PMI do not use eyeshadow on the daily, but I can’t go without mascara because I am the big lashes kind of girl. To me lashes make the perfect look, so I am always on the search for a good mascara. I use the P2 Valume Affair for my upper lashes and a No Name Mascara for my bottom lashes, I wish I knew what mascara it is but the sticker with the brand on isn’t on the product anymore and I couldn’t seem to find the same bottle anywhere. But these two are the perfect team, loving the effect they have.

Photo 28-07-16 1 42 40 PMNow to the favorite part of any make up routine, Highlighting. I am lately really obsessed with highlight, I can’t tell you why but I love having the glow of a goddess. Therefor I use my Hidden Cosmetics Gatsby Highlight. I use my No Name brush from the ebay set to apply te highlighter on the apples of my cheek, under my eyebrows, the inner corner of my eyes, the tip as well as the bride of my nose and on my cupids bow. Just on every place I want to glow.



Photo 28-07-16 12 52 14 PMPhoto 28-07-16 12 52 33 PMPhoto 28-07-16 12 52 43 PMI  do not wear that much make up on the daily basis, but today I am going to have a wifey day with Sarah, whom I talked about it my last post. So I decided to glam myself up a little. I might not always wear make up but I am obsessed with it, I love glaming up for a reason but I do not need make up to feel pretty and I hope it’s the same for you guys. Make up can obviously make your beauty shine a little more but no matter what, you are beautiful.

Photo 28-07-16 12 48 10 PM

I hope you guys liked this post, any request for a new make up look? Maybe Date Night or anything like that. Leave suggestions, advice and feedback in the comments down below or leave me an e-mail with all that. The quality of my make up pictures isn’t the best yet, but I am working on it. What is your go-to Make up routine? Let me know.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful



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