I quickly want to apologize for not posting for a whole week, this won’t happen again I promise.
Anyway, I decided to start a series where I talk about topics that are really close to my heart. Some of them are pretty sad and some are uplifting and happy. I don’t know how I want to call this series yet, but we’ll find a name. You can leave suggestions in the comments or let me know by sending me an e-mail. But for now, let’s just dive into the first topic.

You’re probably wondering why I want to talk about Cyberfriendship today, but this topic is something close to my heart since I got so many of those friendships in my life. The main reason I felt like I want to talk about it, are the people that say “friendships on the internet aren’t real friendships”.
To be honest it makes me real mad when I hear people say that to others or when they say it to me. I developed so many amazing friendships on the internet and I am closer to some of them than I ever was with someone that lived nearby. So I might get a little defensive when I hear people say sh** like that.

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Like I said I feel a lot closer to some of my internet friends than I ever could to someone I met in real life first and there are many reasons why I do. But the main reason is that I got to know those people without seeing their face first. I didn’t know how some of them looked like for the first few months/years of the friendship and that made me really develop a friendship with their character and not their appearence. Now I know how they look like and I even met most of them.
It’s rare to have a person that you can talk to about everything and I got blessed to meet such people, thanks to the interwebs.
I know some of my Cyberfriends for over 7 years now and I am still in daily contact with my wifey, for example. Yup, you heard right me and Sarah call each other wifeys because we are really damn close. We talk daily with by sending 5-10 minutes voice mails back and forth and now see each other almost weekly.
But for the first years we couldn’t see each other as much as we do now and still I felt the more comfortable talking to her about everything than I ever would with my friends that live nearby.

I think that Cyberfriendships are more likely to be real friendships without drama, backstabbing or anything like that. Sure there are also real friendships that met outside of the interwebs, but that’s my personal experience.
Anyway, do you have any Cyberfriendships, do people also judge yours as not being a real one? Tell me in the comments down below or send me an e-mail regarding that subject. I’d love to hear about your experiences about this. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by using your e-mail.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful

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