Top 4 Drugstore Foundations

Today I have my Top 4 Drugstore Foundations for you guys, but I quickly just wanted to say that this list is based of my personal opinion. So maybe some of them won’t work as good for you as they do for me, please keep that in mind whenever I make a post about my favorite make up products or when I post about disappointing ones.
You also need to know about my skin type, since that’s really important when it comes to foundations. I am a dry skin girl, especially my t-zone is as dry as the desert. The funny thing about my skin is, that even though I have dry skin, my face gets really shiny throughout the day, that is why sometimes foundation for dry skin work and sometimes I can also use some that are intended for combo/oily skin.
Anyway, here are my Top 4 Drugstore Foundations.

1. All Matt Plus – Catrice Cosmetics


Photo 07-07-16 7 17 08 PMYou never heard about this foundation? You’re missing out, boo. The All Matt Plus foundation leaves you with a satin-matt finish without exaggerating the dryness of the skin. You can get good medium coverage with this foundation, but even with medium coverage, it’s still really lightweight on your skin. Which is especially amazing in the summer, where you do not want to feel like you are wearing a whole lot on your skin. I’m not sure if this foundation is available in america, but you can probably buy on ebay or any other buying platfrom.
The only thing that bothers me is that they only have 4 different shades which makes it a little hard for some people, especially for dark skinned and really light skinned people.
I personally use the lightest shade which is 010 Light beige.

This foundation retails for 6,49€ in the german drugstore.

2. Indefectible 24H-Matt by L’Oréal Paris

Photo 07-07-16 7 16 55 PMI’m sure that you already read or heard about this foundation, since it’s a really popular one. I actually never thought that I’d be loving this foundation as much as I am since matt ones barely ever work for me, but this has such a flawless finish, even on my really dry skin. This foundation needs to be applied with a damp Beauty Blender to achieve the finish that I want by dabbing the foundation in my skin, because using a brush would only exaggerate the dry patches. This foundation totally lasts for about 24 hours, I’ve been to the club having, sweating my ass off in this BUT my skin looked flawless when I came home. I personally always get a medium to full coverage, that’s why I use this foundation whenever I know that photos will be taken or for special occasions.
Again the only down side is that they also have 4 different shades only. I’m using the lightest shade with is 12 Natural Rose, which might still be too dark for a lot of people. They should really work on getting more shades for most of the drugstore foundations, especially here in germany.

This foundation retails for 12,99€.

3. Fit Me by Maybelline

Photo 07-07-16 7 17 36 PMThis is probably the foundation with the least coverage out of all of them, but this is my go-to summer foundation. I also love to use this when I go for a “no make up”- Look. I know you can get a medium coverage out of this foundation by building it up, but for me the light coverage is enough when I use this. I love how dewy this makes my skin look, because I might love my mattifying foundations, but sometimes I want that healthy dewy finish too. I always feel like I wear no foundation at all, because it’s so lightweight but still making your skin look better. I know that Maybelline came out with more Fit Me foundations but I still didn’t get the chance to buy those in germany, that’s why I did always stick with the original formula.
I’m still not happy with the range of shades that are out there, but maybe that’s just a huge problem in germany since we do not get every shade of the foundations in our store. I had to order mine in the shade 105 on amazon until about a month ago, when Maybelline finally decided to also carry that shade in the german stores.

This foundation retails for 10,99€.

4. Colorstay by Revlon

Photo 07-07-16 7 17 24 PMI love this make up for so many reasons. Firstly, there are two versions of this foundation available, one for Normal/Dry skin, and the other for Combination/Oily skin. I own the formula that is for Normal/Dry skin, which works perfectly fine for me. I heard a lot of people saying, that the Combination/Oily one is better, even for people with dry skin but somehow that never worked for me the way my current one does. This foundation dries really quickly and leaves a satin-matt finish, meaning it controls shine but doesn’t make your face look powdery or flat. It gives you a medium coverage that can easily be built up to a full coverage. Just like the L’Oréal one, this lasts really long. You should never wear a foundation for 24 hours, but I bet that they would easily last for that long without smudging or transfering to clothes or anything else.
This foundation comes in 20 different shades for Combination/Oily skin and 12 shades for Normal/Dry skin, which is amazing for a drug store foundation. Colorstay by Revlon wasn’t sold in germany for a long time, so I had to order mine on amazon but I just found out that the foundation is finally available in germany too. I use this foundation in the shade 150 Buff.

This foundation retails for 18,99€.

Those were my Top 4 Drugstore Foundations, which one of them do you use yourself? What did you think about them? Also I am always on the lookout for new affordable foundations, so maybe tell me about your favorite foundations from the drugstore in the comments down below. And again I am still thankful for all the feedback I can get.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful


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