Let me introduce myself and the idea for this blog in a quick first post. I’ll start with myself, the person who will run this blog.

My name is Caroll-Ann, a 21 year old make up addict, who loves to share her opinion, reviews and ideas with the whole world. I’m from germany, but this blog will be completely in english. I already have two blogs on tumblr, a main blog (dvlightful) and a seperate blog to give advice to others (advicefvryou). This one will be completely different though.

Photo 20-06-16 9 51 18 PM

I want this blog to be a real beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog. I’ll share the latest trends, product reviews, outfit ideas, my holy grail products and way more with you. I basically want to share my passion for beauty and fashion with all of you.

But this blog isn’t just about me sharing everything with you. I want my readers to have an actual input. I want the comments to be like our little chat corner about the products you love, you want me to test out for you or anything you want to requesr for the future. I’ll appreciate any kind of feedback, keep in mind that I am not a professionell make up artist, so please correct me when I do something wrong in the future. I am still learning a lot about the beauty world, so let’s learn about it all together.
I look forward to many many posts, many discussions in the comments with you guys and a lot of new produts to discover.

In love,
Caroll-Ann aka dvlightful


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